1 Year to go

Exactly a year ago Bill and I rowed into English Harbour, Antigua.

After 50 days and 5483Km’s of rowing we were finally going to see our families again and sleep in clean, dry sheets. What an epic experience and one that is carved in South African sports history books. The race was the epitome of perseverance, of proper planning, success and taking risks when our rivals were waiting for the opportunities to take us. At the finish line and after winning the race I said never again, but it seems that that never will be in one years time.

Preparations are well under way for the next big challenge; crossing the Atlantic SOLO in the same race and at the same time break a few records. Once again, as with the last race, the biggest challenge for me is SPONSORSHIP. My timing is poor as the economics of the world in in a sad state and the first budgets to be cut are sponsorships. I have an incredible campaign with a great team of people helping me – from TV/Magazine/Radio media to sports science experts including Professor Tim Noakes.

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