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South Pole Race

Cold Sweat – starts in South Africa.

Just watched (for the first time) footage of the race Braam Malherbe and I did to the South Pole to commemorate Scott and Amundsens race 100 years ago. Great memories. This is part 1 of a five part series. The ...

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Having just completed this incredible race/journey to the South Pole and with many requests coming through for motivational talks, I have put together my new presentation entitled “Cold Sweat – Impossible in Nothing”. Braam and I had such an incredible ...

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Mission Accomplished

Braam and I have just returned from our …… how should I say ….. EPIC Race to the Pole. It was an expedition that had a life of it’s own and was something that I personally had not quite expected. ...

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Latest News and Updates from the Pole

Boys are better. woke up feeling worst ever but had a good day of skiing despite hectic uphills that slowed them down a lot. horrible sores on Pete’s face but all good. Very interesting news – the have been communicating ...

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Iceland Training – Extreme World Races

Peter van Kets, adventurer and motivational speaker headed off to Iceland and the Langjokull Glacier to train for his upcoming race to the South Pole with team mate Braam Malherbe. The race is organised by Extreme World Races.

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New Expedition

About 8 months ago Braam Malherbe contacted me to ask if I would be keen to take part in a race to the South Pole. Is the Pope catholic???....

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