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International Sales and Marketing @recession Conference – Tehran, Iran

I have recently delivered two keynotes at the 4th International Sales and Marketing @recession Conference in Tehran, Iran. What a privilege it was to be part of such an amazing event and being able to change the way people consider themselves and their businesses. I also met 4 other incredible speakers in Andy Lopata, Nik Halik, Peter Sage, Paul Brown and Bob Ulrichuck. It feels like I have taken another leap in my career as a speaker – the next level up. heading off to do a European tour early next year!! Can’t wait!

International Sales and Marketing - Tehran, Iran

About Peter Van Kets

Peter is a professional adventurer, highly sought after international business inspirational and keynote speaker. He has become globally known as a specialist around business’ ability to persevere in a dynamic and turbulent economy. He has worked with major corporations across Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the USA. He takes the lessons learned from his expeditions and relates them to the business environment. His expedition stories are of survival, courage, perseverance, passion, loneliness, tenacity, amazing team work and the will to win. Peters presentations take people on powerful life-altering journeys, changing the way they think about themselves and their businesses. His Motivational Speaking website can be found at motivational-speaking.co.za

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