A few days off olong the Wild Coast

Taking a few days off olong the Wild Coast. Time to think about the year ahead. I’m curious about 2023.
My thoughts:
Have you ever felt that you are not really passionate about anything? Maybe that’s how you feel right now. Then, why not start 2023 by being deliberately curious?
Curiosity can lead to discovery, which can develop interest, which may well deepen into passion and purpose, the cornerstones of significant stories and sustained success.
The power that comes from curiosity is often overlooked or underrated. For me, it’s the beginning of everything. It was curiosity that created a massive change to my career path from educator to adventurer.
I’ve learned a lot from my travels and expeditions. From the South Pole in Antarctica to polar bears in the Arctic, across deserts and oceans, summiting high mountains and through dense equatorial forests. Whether I’m on foot or ocean rowing boats, on skis or mountain bikes, I am always curious and always learning. What a privilege.
Passion is stimulated by a sense of curiosity and openness, a willingness to have your mind changed, a disinclination to hold fast to preconceived ideas. An acceptance that we can be wrong about things. It’s aroused by an openness to new ideas, experiences and ways of thinking.
I wish you all a year filled with curiosity, hope and significance. Happy 2023!