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I’ve started the planning and preparation for my next expedition, which is to circumnavigate the Southern Hemisphere along the Tropic of Capricorn (land AND sea) without the use of motors – SOLO. Besides the epic proportion of this expedition, I am hoping to help create global awareness of the effects of global warming, and the positive steps that people are taking to fix the problem, through a series of television documentaries.


Before I even started with my plans for the Solo Row across the Atlantic I was very taken in by the idea of traversing the planet on the Tropic of Cancer and not in Landrovers or by plane, but by foot and boat. The idea was almost too much to bear – I was immensely excited and motivated by it, but I had to row across an ocean and I had to focus so I put the plans aside.

Achieving success in every venture, at work or in your private life starts with a dream and demands a combination of vision, passion, focus, teamwork, courage and perseverance. Life is just not the same without a dream. We all love setting goals and we seem to be at our happiest when we are motivated by a dream.

Many of us will put our dreams aside out of necessity and never revisit them or some of us will simply not even start the process of achieving that dream because we are too scared of failure. It is the dream, however, that causes us to start strategising our lives and the desire to accomplish that dream is what motivates us.

There is an old saying which says “Nothing good in life comes easy” and so it is with one’s dreams. I have learned over the years that the bigger or greater the dream the harder it will be to accomplish. If you dream big – then you must expect to be tested and you must expect to be beset with challenges on the way. It’s the way in which we tackle those challenges that will determine the end result.


The importance of surrounding yourself with the best team possible has always been one of the significant factors that have allowed me to be successful in my endeavours. I have been incredibly fortunate to have the best people available to me. There is an ancient African saying that says “if you want to go fast then go alone – if you want to go far then go together”. My Capricorn Expedition will be nothing short of “going far” and although it is a “solo” journey (and if I am to be successful) I will need a significant team of people who share the same vision and passions as I do.

My sponsor/s would need to be part of that team and would need to believe and promote the same values and principles as I do. I am presently looking for an international title sponsor and am busy negotiating with a few of them. My offer is massive brand exposure through a vast amount of media outlets. Contact me for further information.


Circumnavigate the Southern Hemisphere along the Tropic of Capricorn (land AND sea) without the use of motors – SOLO


Tropic of Capricorn: Land and Sea

No Motors: Human Power

Solo: Inner Strength


Peter Van Kets