Peter has decided to put this page up to honour those people/sponsors that have been a huge driving force in his life. The people that have inspired him and ultimately enabled him to do what he has done.

In South Africa there is a saying, which is an approach to life that emphasizes social unity and generosity of spirit 'Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu' – we are who we are because of the generosity of others in our lives.

My Support

  • Kim Van Kets


  • Hannah Grace Van Kets


  • Moira Donnelly


  • Rik Van Kets


  • Joan Sparg

    Mom-in-law ?

  • Mark, Liesl, Veronica Van Kets


  • Bill Godfrey

    Rowing Guru / Expedition Partner

  • Braam Malherbe

    South Pole Expedition Partner

  • Lionel & Petrea Donnelly


  • Mike & Pam Donnelly


  • John Ince

    High School Principal / Mentor

  • Cliffy Coombe

    Solo Row Manager / Friend

  • TJ van der Walt


  • Niels Andersen


  • Arno van der Merwe

    Friend / Two Rivers Expedition partner

  • Danie Ferreira


  • Tako Plathe & Family


  • Rex Tomlinson

    Friend / Liberty Sponsor

  • Jonny Goldberg


  • Jacques Marais

    Friend & Beyond Expedition partner

  • Brian Harmse

    Friend & Fabkomp Sponsor

  • Tony Pfeiffer

    DB Schenker / Friend

Tracey Coombe, Lloyd White, Stuart Goulding, Tessa Fairburn, John Baxter, Donovan Sims, James & Sharon Mallenson, Hennie Roos, Hannes Venter, Tammy Gardner, Greg Bruins, Terry Donnelly, Johnathan King, Russell Sparg, Craig Sparg, Bertus Louw, Derek Devine, Gary van Rooyan, Martin Harmse, Kingsley Seiler, Paul McConnon, Marie Grey, Marika Hockley, Michael Jackson, Duncan Hesketh, Professor Tim Noakes, Mario van Zyl, Evan Ridge, Uwe Jaspersen, Julian Dallamore, Caron Williams, GawieNiewhout, Dave Pattle, Dave Scud Pons,

My Sponsors

Liberty Life, Garmin, Cape Storm, DB Schenker, FrontRunner SA, Isuzu SA, Spar, Adventure Inc, Merrell, New Balance, Hi-Tech, Spot Africa, Fabkomp, Rudy Project,