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Follow Kim – Day 5 and going strong

Follow Kim – Day 5 and going strong

Kim is really doing well. The coast is sweltering with humidity levels way into the 90’s.

The last few days have been a little longer than anticipated with Wavecrest to Dwesa at 54Km’s and today Dwesa to Hole in the Wall at 52Km. Tomorrow is another long day and we estimate it to be in the region of 50km’s.

Kim has been running with two amazing people, Lyle and Dave Pattle. They have been perfect for this part of the expedition and have been a great support for Kim.

The Mbashe River proved to be a bit of a problem. The mouth of the river is huge and they were told by locals that “just yesterday there were 4 huge Zambezi sharks lurking”. So …. they opted for the ferry option. All the river crossings and the hectic terrain make the Wild Coast not only hard to run in but also incredibly beautiful.

Team Kim are all staying at the Sugarloaf Backpackers in Coffee Bay and are being treated with real Wild Coast hospitality. Crayfish for dinner and a couple of cold ones at their Tokoloshe Bar. Sugarloaf looks out over one of the most scenic points along the coast and is also one of the best surf spots.

Tomorrow we head off to Mpande …… run kim run!!! And Dave and Lyle!!

Visit Kim’s website to find out more…

[noteblock] 199km down 5 301km to go! [/noteblock]


Kim and Dave crossing the river at Hole in the Wall


Lyal and Kim


Mpekweni Beach Resort Sponsor on Dave Pattle at Hole in the Wall


Dave, Kim and Hannah






Visit Kim’s website to find out more…