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The Quirimbas Archipelago must be one of the last unspoilt sets of islands in the world. Incredible coral reefs, white beaches laden with beautiful shells, palm trees swaying in the north monsoon winds and friendly locals makes this area a have-to-go-see destination. Our expedition was set up for just that. We went to document a sea kayaking adventure through these 32 tropical islands focussing on tourism, the Quirimbas National Park, the people, their culture and to give sea kayaking a big punt. It really is a very easy way of exploring and has an extremely low carbon footprint.

Going on any expedition, you should always expect the unexpected and make sure you have plans B, C, D etc. Although we had a few stressful moments, this expedition was one of those epics where everything just falls into place and works.

For three weeks Mark van der Velde, Charlie Stander, Nic Good (Fresh Air Crew) and myself paddled from Vamizi Island in the north of the Quirimbas to Pemba in the south. The north monsoons had just started to blow and we had perfect downwind conditions for the entire journey. Thanks to Ibo Island Lodge who supplied a Dhow and some back-up crew for us. It made the trip.



The concept behind this expedition was to kayak a series of 38 islands off the coast of northern Mozambique starting quite close to the mouth of the Rovuma River to Pemba. The islands are pristine and reasonable untouched by outsiders. Huge Baobab and palm trees line these coral islands.

Support Distance travelled: 1800km’s

Temperature: 25°C to 35°C

Crew Transport: 1 x dhow

Tyers: Dunlop AT3G tyres

Kayaks:  C-Yak

Countries: Mozambique


Peter Van Kets

Mark van der Velde

Nic Moose Good – Videographer/logistics

Charles Charles – Standing



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