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Every time I leave my home for the last time before I head off on an expedition the same profound scene unfolds. I have a myriad of thoughts rushing at me. The first one I keep quiet about; I think, ‘I wonder if I will ever see this place again?’ That’s the nature of some of my expeditions. Then secondly, I turn to Kim, my wife, and say ‘isn’t this the most wildly exciting thing happening right now, because the very next time we drive back into this driveway a whole story would have unfolded, gees and I wonder what that story is?’ I have always known that this story would be filled with heaps of suffering and struggle, but it would also be filled with the most amazing experiences, but never known fully the whole story.

If you think of the year ahead, one years’ time, you will have a story that needs to be told. You don’t know what that is. You have plans, but you don’t know how that will unfold. All of us want to tell a significant and successful story. We want to LEAVE A LEGACY, both personally and professionally.

This inspirational keynote delivers a powerful message on how to do it.