This motivational presentation is geared for the leaders of tomorrow. It focuses on the 5438km unsupported Pairs Atlantic Rowing Race 2007/8.

Target audience: Inspirational – Leadership, sales, awards events, teams etc

• Vision
• What is your story
• The power of positive attitude
• Collaboration
• Surrounding yourself with the best possible team
• Identifying partners who share your vision and passion
• Knowing that with the right resources, there is a solution to every problem!
• Setting clear and achievable goals
• Being properly prepared
• Execution – Not being paralysed by the fear of failure
• Perfect delivery
• Having a clear, but flexible strategy
• Being decisive
• Making the move from external discipline to self-discipline.
• Persevering
• Innovation – always look for areas to improve upon
• Understand the benefit of helping others succeed
• Focus on the small things and the big things fall into place

"What a truly remarkable and inspirational person Peter is, we thoroughly enjoyed his presentation – Our leadership really enjoyed his enthusiastic, thought-provoking discussion… More importantly, however, is the fact that everyone was still talking about his courage and tenacity the following day… we’ve had many guest speakers in the past, but the group agreed he is one of the very best!"


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