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The planet was been in in a tempest for a while: the way we live and operate is unsustainable, the economic inequality is indefensible, the way we live and travel the way we choose to eat and deal with waste simply cannot continue. We were already in the storm before 2020, but the cyclone just got real. For everyone, everywhere. We will be in this storm, or a series of storms for a very long time. This will be a multi-day ultra-marathon as opposed to a sprint. This pandemic is a catalyst for change. It can be our greatest blessing or our greatest curse. Which will it be? We will look back on history, (our personal history and that of the planet) a decade from now an account, a narrative, will document the story of what transpired during and after this storm. We get to craft that story. What will it be? Peter uses his experiences to speak on virtual platforms and masterfully creates a process that will inspire success and significance despite the ‘storm’. This is a time to recalibrate, to strategise, re-focus and to be inspired. Let Peter teach your teams the importance of resilience and how to become resilient. The importance of passion, why passion drives resilience and how to become passionate about what we do despite the circumstances.

“So what am I to do? What are we to do? To emerge from this storm scarred and shaken but more formidable and changed for the better? How are we to survive and even thrive again? I can only look to the storms I have already endured, back to the dark abyss of despair and fear that I have in the past emerged from in the hope of finding clues that will help me navigate this terrifying but not entirely unfamiliar territory. And slowly the memory returns of the need to take advantage of the storm, to use it as an opportunity, as a grappling hook to propel myself (and others with me) forward towards a worthy goal. This is followed by the memory of the fact that this will not be easy, it will take courage and discipline and the willingness to embrace suffering. It may take the humility to admit that my (our) strategy may have been wrong and may require the agility and curiosity to make a complete about turn in the way we operate. And this cannot be achieved in the absence of resilience. And resilience cannot exist in a vacuum, because it must be unlocked and ignited by passion. And passion has never been more critical to our ability to survive and thrive than it is right now.”