Leadership Magazine – Motivational Column

I just heard that the Leadership Magazine want me to write a motivational column in their Sports supplement in all their editions in the build up to my Capri-X Expedition. It’s a great honour. The first one comes out in February. Make sure you get a copy. There will also be an article about the Two Rivers Expedition as a build-up to Capri-X 2012
Here is a taste of that column….

[noteblock]An inspirational moment
Having a dream! – the foundation for achieving success
Over the next few editions of Leadership in Sport I will be discussing various factors that I believe contribute greatly towards achieving success in almost all spheres of life, but before I start I would like to stress that I am just a normal person and am without doubt still ‘work in progress”. I have been on many expeditions around the world and have rowed unsupported across the Atlantic on two different occasions. I have learned many lessons about achieving success during these times. I have stared failure in the face, fought off raging storms, persevered through tormenting physical and mental hardships, spent 76 days alone on a 21 foot rowing boat and in the end have succeeded in achieving my dreams.
How do I accomplish my dreams and succeed?
That’s the big question! And this is what worked for me.

The critical part of any venture is firstly the venture itself….the dream!………. [/noteblock] To read more purchase the February edition of Leadership Magazine PICA Magazine of the Year – online www.leadershiponline.co.za