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Nyamezela Sea Trials

Nyamezela Sea Trials

Nyamezela trials
I have eventually managed to get Liberty Nyamezela on the water in Cape Town to do some sea trials and to check that everything works perfectly. Admittedly I was very anxious about this as time was tight and if anything was going to be wrong, I would not have the time to fix her. Many people ask me how I am feeling about the race and I suppose prior to the sea trials I was well nervous. The boat is vital to my survival at sea and not knowing how she performed was nerve wracking. Having completed the trials successfully I am feeling very excited about the race. The boat performed incredibly well.

The first of the trials took place in False Bay in really good conditions and as I slid her into the water I could not help that overriding feeling of “what happens if she just falls over in the water”. She didn’t.
With the NSRI from False Bay closely at hand I set about rowing and testing all the instruments. At the end of the day I managed to set the auto-helm (automatic steering device), swing the compasses, set the seat and oar positions.

The second sea trial took place in Table Bay in a strong South Easterly – a perfect day for a good downwind row. Nyamezela just flew. I was very impressed with her speed and stability. The centreboard which I have positioned near the front of the boat also worked extremely well.

Yeahah! Roll on 6 December.