Peter van Kets @ FEAT 2010, Jo’burg

Peter is a professional adventurer and public speaker. Although Pete has been part of many expeditions, he made his mark in the world of adventure by winning the 5,438km unsupported Atlantic Rowing Race 2007/8 (pairs) with friend Bill Godfrey.
As if rowing the Atlantic once wasn’t enough, he returned in early 2010 to place second in the solo category and to become the first African to row any ocean solo and unsupported. He also won the prestigious Eastern Cape Sports Star of the Year (2007) Award — Premiers Award. In 2012 Peter will traverse the Tropic of Capricorn without the use of motorised transport, a 37,500km epic adventure.

FEAT (Fascinating Expedition & Adventure Talks) is an evening of time-limited presentations by South African adventurers; each speaker has only seven minutes to tell of a specific aspect of a recent adventure. Disciplines represented include mountaineering, polar travel, river kayaking, long distance running & walking, rock climbing, mountain running, paragliding, sea kayaking, ocean rowing… Related topics also featured include communication technology, sponsorships and the making of adventure films. The inaugural FEAT event was held at Wits Theatre in Braamfontein, Jo’burg on Thursday, 7 October 2010.