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Port st Johns – Week 2 Tri-The Beloved Country

Port st Johns – Week 2 Tri-The Beloved Country

Kim is running with a local by the name of Deon today and they are heading off to Port St Johns. We have been invited by a Port st Johns legend and
Wilbur Smith type character, John Costello to stay at the Outspan Inn, which we are looking forward to. The back-up team have their work cut out for them.


I have been working well with Kirstey Borbely to make sure that the runners are fed, clothes cleaned, backpacks stocked with food and treats. We
pack and unpack and get tents erected and camp packed and then there’s the hectic 4-5 hours of driving every day. The roads are the opposite of great.


Kim is running really well and thanks to Dave and Lyle for spending three days with us. Awesome!


Author: Peter


Off to Port st Johns - Week 2


Yet another beautiful beach - The wild Coast Rocks!


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