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Story Telling – Your Journey

Story Telling – Your Journey

Storytelling is such a critical aspect of our daily lives (including mine, as a motivational speaker). It captures attention, makes information more memorable, & more importantly it creates emotional connections. Something I love doing on stage.

It’s such a powerful communication and motivational tool that can simplify complex ideas, connect people & convey messages in a compelling way.

I love this so much!! From Ben Okri
Please read..

“The earliest storytellers were magi, seers, bards, griots, shamans. They were, it would seem, as old as time, & as terrifying to gaze upon as the mysteries with which they wrestled. They wrestled with mysteries & transformed them into myths which coded the world and helped the community to live through one more darkness, with eyes wide open & hearts set alight.

“I can see them now, the old masters. I can see them standing on the other side of the flames, speaking in the voices of lions, or thunder, or monsters, or heroes, heroines, or the earth, or fire itself — for they had to contain all voices within them, had to be all things & nothing. They had to have the ability to become lightning, to become a future homeland, to be the dreaded guide to the fabled land where the community will settle and fructify. They had to be able to fight in advance all the demons they would encounter, & summon up all the courage needed on the way, to prophesy about all the requisite qualities that would ensure their arrival at the dreamt-of land.

“The old masters had to be able to tell stories that would make sleep possible on those inhuman nights, stories that would counter terror with enchantment, or with a greater terror. I can see them, beyond the flames, telling of a hero’s battle with a fabulous beast — the beast that is in the hero.
These old storytellers were the true magicians. They were humanity’s truest friends & most reliable guides. Their role was both simple & demanding. They had to go down deep into the seeds of time, into the dreams of their people, into the unconscious, into the uncharted fears, and bring shapes and moods back up into the light. They had to battle with monsters before they told us about them. They had to see clearly.”

“They risked madness, or being unmoored in the wild realms of the interspaces, or being devoured by the unexpected demons of the communal imagination.”

“And I think that now, in our age, in the mid-ocean of our days, with certainties collapsing around us, and with no beliefs by which to steer our way through the dark descending nights ahead — I think that now we need those fictional old bards and fearless storytellers, those seers. We need their magic, their courage, their love, and their fire more than ever before. It is precisely in a fractured, broken age that we need mystery and a reawoken sense of wonder. We need them to be whole again.”


I recently had a motivational “storytelling” keynote session with a team of scientists and doctors from Sanofi. Thanks Kevin Carl Sasebula for the invite (and Unique Speaker Bureau) and the kind response.

Peter Van Kets – World renown adventurer, master storyteller & motivational speaker. Presented at 1000+ conferences globally. He has a unique ability to link lessons from his expeditions to leadership & business in a compelling way.