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Team T-TBC Going Strong

Team T-TBC Going Strong

On Thurs(day 17) we had quite a short day – ran from the Durban Harbour along the promenade then on the beach as much as possible to the lighhthouse at Umhlanga.

Thanks so much to Sean and his team (New Balance) for their massive enthusiasm and banners (and even sand art) on the Promenade – only NB would get something like that together on such short notice! NB you guys ROCK! It was fabulous to have Jane Brewer from New Balance and Graeme Minterbrown of Global Business Solutions (Durban Office) run with me. Also great to have Miles Brewer plying us with chelsea buns and doughnuts along the way!

We spent the night with Dave and Steph Pons in Berea and were on the road bright and early running from Umhlanhga Rocks to Tinley Manor just over 42km (day 18). Dave joined me for the first 10km and we had a beautiful sunrise run – it was a relief to see the city fading away into the distance. Another hard but beautiful day – I am ecstatic to be having a rest day at Zinkwazi tomorrow. I would be lying if I said my legs aren’t sore – everything is aching at the moment! Nothing 24 hours of feet up won’t cure though!

[noteblock] Kirsty and Hannah are making banana bread, Pete and I are planning the route for the next few days and all is well with the world. [/noteblock]
Author: Kim


Kim and Peter van Kets stop for a photo near durban


Kim van Kets in front of the Lighthouse at Umhlanga Rocks


Peter van Kets supporting Kim on the Tri-The Beloved Country


Kim van Kets on the beach with Durban in the background


Day 17-18