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Tignes le Lac – French Alps 3200m – South Pole Training

Tignes le Lac – French Alps 3200m – South Pole Training

I am sitting here at the foot of the Grande Motte glacier warm and energised after a great day of trekking with ski’s. As I look out over the mountains and wonder at their beauty I can’t help but think what Scott and Amundsen were doing this day 100 years ago and how different it is to this. Those guys were hard. We have exactly one month left before we head out to the great feezer – the highest driest coldest place on the planet. Our time is coming and we are very excited!

Scott’s Diary entry for today 100 years ago – 16 November 1911

“Camp 12. Resting. A stiff little southerly breeze all day, dropping towards evening. The temperature -15º. Ponies pretty comfortable in rugs and behind good walls. We have reorganised the loads, taking on about 580 lbs. with the stronger ponies, 400 odd with the others.”

So the question you may ask is what are we doing in France 1 month before the start of the hardest race and expedition i will probably ever take part in. Braam and I desperately needed some time to ski – trekking! We battled to find a place with the right conditions at this time of the year – between the seasons. The place we found was Tignes le Lac high up in the French Alps and it is perfect! We have had the most beautiful weather and plenty of snow. Every day we head up to the Glacier Grande Motte which is at 3200m. The South Pole is also 3000m so its great. Our confidence has been boosted substantially.You can follow this race on facebook page Scott-Amundsen Centenary Race to the Pole.


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