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Welcome home Pete!

Welcome home Pete!

East London’s Peter van Kets was given a hero’s welcome home yesterday afternoon after his gruelling 76-day rowing race across the Atlantic Ocean.

Van Kets is the first African to row across any ocean solo, and also the first to row the Woodvale Trans- Atlantic Rowing Race as one of a pair and then do it again as a solo.

Peter Van Kets came second in the solo class.

The 43-year-old father departed from the Canary Islands on January 4, and rowed over 5350 kilometres across the cold Atlantic Ocean in his rowing boat Liberty Nyamezela, which means strive, or persevere until the end or vasbyt.

His journey ended on March 21 at English Harbour, Antigua, where Van Kets spent two weeks recovering before making his journey home to East London.