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Vantage Jacket by CAPESTORM

Vantage Jacket by CAPESTORM

Vantage Jacket by CAPESTORMVantage Jacket by CAPESTORM - BlackVantage Jacket by CAPESTORM - Red

Product review: Vantage Jacket – by CAPESTORM

One of my favourites is this item that’s packed every time I head off and has been my jacket of choice in both Atlantic rows. I have always like layering my clothes so that I can take off or add as I go. This jacket makes a perfect outer shell/layer. The three most important factors to consider in a jacket are weight, waterproofing and breathability. The Vantage jacket has been designed to give the best optimum balance between these three factors. It weighs in at only 450g and packs away into a small bundle making it the perfect elemental protection piece for outdoor use. When the weather turns and you have to remove this jacket from your pack, you will soon find out just how waterproof and breathable it is. For added comfort and convenience we have a generous hood; side ventilation zips; waterproofing and breathability.


– Vo2 Max, waterproof/ breathable
– 5000/5000
– Regular fit waterproof jacket
– 450g (size M)
– Fit: Regular
– Weight: 450g (M)


– 4 Zipped pockets
– Water-resistant zippers
– Hem drawcord
– 2-Point variable ventilation on pit zip
– Seam sealing and welding for waterproofing
– Big volume swivel-sight ergonomic hood with visor
– Articulated high-reach sleeves
– Fold away hood

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