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We’re looking for 16 South African Earth Ambassadors!

We’re looking for 16 South African Earth Ambassadors!

He’s rowed 5498km unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean, twice! In 2012 he raced unsupported to the South Pole. Now, in 2014, Peter Van Kets will circumnavigate the Southern Hemisphere along the Tropic of Capricorn without the use of motors. This 36 749km journey is a herculean undertaking. The epic nature of this expedition will ensure that Peter and his team will once again capture the attention of the world. (See Peter Van Kets’ expedition history)

However, this expedition is far greater that the accomplishments of one man. The Capri-X Earth Amabassadors Expedition is an un-motorised expedition around the world drawing attention to positive projects around climate change issues particularly focussing on alternative renewable energy. Through him, people all around the earth will witness some of our planets most exquisite locations and many devastating effects of Climate Change. The climate of this latitude has expanded towards the poles by more than 170 miles over the past 25 years. Scientists expected this, but only under an “extreme” climate change scenario, and only by 2100. Time is not running out – it’s already overtaken us!

Capri-X Earth Amabassadors Expediton is more than a one-man crusade. It is a platform that connects, educates and networks global communities together with South Africa. People who in their own way want to make their contribution towards possible solutions for climate change, inviting them to join the expedition as Earth Ambassadors.

After a vigourous selection program, 16 Earth Ambassadors from South Africa will be selected to accompany Peter Van Kets on the expedition. They will study alternative energy projects and meet the environmental representatives of the participating countries along his route. These Earth Ambassadors, selected mainly from rural areas, but not exclusively, of South Africa will have the opportunity to connect communities around the Earth and make a difference for the future generations:
►They will have the rare opportunity to be part of an international expedition and travel to places they only ever dreamed of and witness alternative energy projects first hand.
►They will meet some of the world’s prominent environmental leaders and experience their cutting edge energy solutions.
►They will come away with global perspective, international contacts and personal experiences that will live with them for the rest of their lives.

The Capri-X Earth Ambassador Program is a structured, three-year initiative that will start with national selections in 2013 and progress to the final participation phase during the expedition in 2014. This will culminate in the implementation of an alternate energy solutions project in 2015 – a project, that they, as our Earth Ambassadors, will co-ordinate through participating schools throughout South Africa.
The Capri-X Earth Ambassador Program
This is an initiative of education and empowerment. It is an opportunity to showcase a positive South African youth initiative to the world. The Capri-X Earth Ambassador selection process is based on the success of the Adventure Tourism Development Program, an initiative that was tried and tested over five years.

Phase 1: Selections 2013

Introductory road-show
High schools and universities around the country will receive information packs including entry forms that will introduce expedition. This will be followed up with workshops as part of the Capri-X Expedition road show that will physically travel to selected adventure, environment and tourism expos that are presented around the country. Graduates from Adventure Tourism Development Program, will be at hand to relate their personal experiences to and to introduce the program to the prospective Capri-X Earth Ambassadors.

National selections
Our objective is to give everybody an opportunity. With this in mind the first round of selections will take place in townships and rural villages; candidates from more affluent families can afford to travel to these venues. Applications may also be done on-line via the expedition website.

Final Selection Week
Up to 45 finalists from the national selections will travel to Cape Town for an all-expense paid selection/adventure week. More than just a week of adventure and fun, these finalists will be on a mission to deliver a community based alternative energy project. This will therefore also be a week of climate change and alternative energy solutions education and community upliftment. The sixteen brightest stars will be selected as Capri-X Earth Ambassadors for the expedition. The runners up will be invited to join as expedition team members and assist with the planning, management and delivery of the expedition objectives.

Phase2: The Capri-X Earth Ambassador Expedition 2014

The 16 young earth ambassador crew members will physically travel to some of the countries on the Capri-X Expedition route and with Peter Van Kets.

Exposure to international environmental ideas
They will experience climate challenges around the earth and get a first hand view of the solutions around alternative energy projects.

International contacts
These South Africans will have the opportunity to meet and interact with some of the world’s prominent environmental leaders. These international contacts will be collated into a state of the art communication platform that will keep them networked in respected environmental circles into the future.

Hands on project management experience
Project managing an expedition of this magnitude is a significant undertaking. As part of this project they will be exposed to, learn and experience the skills required.

Phase 3: Delivering an alternate energy solution 2015

The expedition will draw attention to positive steps taken to curb climate change. They will champion climate change issues, particularly around alternative renewable energy, into the future. This starts with the delivery of an alternative energy solution for a community, school or organisation in South Africa.

After two years the expedition and the Earth Ambassador Program will have created an unprecedented international climate change network. This contact network will be available to the Earth Ambassador Team as a state of the art communication platform.

Timeline overview
Date Event: Primary objective
February 2015: A reunion at the finish Clarify the objectives of the project
March 2015: Liaise with and update schools Finalise which schools want to participate
May 2015: Consolidation Indaba (Tourism Indaba 2015) National workshop for all interested parties
November 2015: Delivery / hand over date Official finish to the Capri-X project and a future statement from the Earth Ambassadors

Additional reference information documents
Peter van Kets Expeditions history from present day to 2007
“Peter van Kets and Bill Godfrey overcame the limitations of their minds and so achieved an historic victory for themselves and their nation.” Professor Tim Noakes
“The worlds ultimate sporting adventure and challenge met and matched!” Peter Martin – Daily Dispatch
“Peter van Kets continues to push the boundaries of his mind and body by completing adventures that leave us speechless in wonder.” Professor Tim Noakes

Introducing the Capri-X team
World renowned adventurer and motivational speaker Peter Van Kets has returned from an unsupported race across Antarctica to the South Pole. He has teamed up with Nic Good (Fresh Air Crew) , Phineas Nenemba and Mike Baker (tourismZA) and together the planning and preparation for his Circumnavigation of the Southern Hemisphere along the Tropic of Capricorn to find tomorrow’s Capri-X Earth Ambassadors is now well under way.

The Capri-X expedition route around the earth

Capri-X Sponsorship levels and allocation of income
Every aspect of this unique journey is designed to create a ground swell of like-minded people with diverse opinions and beliefs from all walks of life. More than that, we have provided a unique, self-sustaining financial model that will help fund the Earth Leaders long after the expedition has come and gone.